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    Can we really get the Lambo?

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    You missed a goldfish.

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    Can i get that lambo? Lmao...

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  • Alitina Asher
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    😳😳😮😮😮u I doing great

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    My parents dont want me to watch Mr.Beast because he spends/gives away to much money.

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    Imagine getting in line behind them at the register in the Food Lion...

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    U are poor

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    They are coaches , all they know is hustly😂👍... Who was that ?😂🤣

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    Love from india❤

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    Man! I'm from kenya,this is my first time watching your videos,Yo,I'm just in love with your work cause you do it out of heart and with one mind.

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    If there are any monster energy left my dm s are open

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    Can I get a ps4 because I don't have one or any gaming stuff 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    This man dosen't care about money, he just buys and helps.

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    I think Mr beast should be the president

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    Bro Ducati Diavel 1260 ❤️please

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    just buy the whole earth at this point Beast

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    Lost a few hundreds thousands but with 50 Million Views making millions🤣

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  • Jim Lusink
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    Shopkeeper- So what do you need? MrBeast-I`ll take your entire stock.

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    Can I Have $35,000

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    I know you will donate those things, Godbless you and your team

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    7:48 My man wanted a fist bump 😂😂

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    I wonder if the bank has gotten used to lots of money being spent?...

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    do last to leave challenges

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    Some Day this man will Controll the World economy

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    Mr beast good person please coke in india

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    do you guys have cookie?🤞

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    I volunteered at the salvation army before. Other volunteers would take most of the good stuff for themselves when it came in. I volunteered at a church here too and the same thing happened.

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    Ohhh no wonder the food lion was empty when i went WAIT KARL WAS THERE KARLLLLLL

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    Can yall do more dogs

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    7:42 Karl.... That's 18 plus my boy

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    12:16 you missed a can of sprite jimmy

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    Can I just say how cute Karl looks I mean it is adorable 🥺🥺🥺☺️

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    I promise I will buy 10 store…. Ahahahahaahahahah you promised

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    how much money do you have 😲

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    Found out why the gamestop stock exploded

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  • Ry Mitch
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    Mrbeast 2025: i bought 5 STARSHIP and giving it away.

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    Today is my restday and i spent the whole day watching your videos and its all amazing. Shout out from philippines 🇵🇭😘

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    Disclaimer: This channel is addictive 😍

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    You should eat a Orby


    doing Santa in second shop?

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    Mrbeast: thank god this shelf is clearance Karl: YEA CAN WE PAY FULL PICE FOR THIS STUFF? Mrbeast: shut. Up.

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    It would make my life to do the stuff you do you guys are so incredible 💕

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    Awesome work. Next time, you should buy everything in a musical or art supplies store and give them to schools too.

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    Thank you for helping all those people🙃

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    Open one a mr best restaurant in Jordan I well geve you one thousand denar

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    Jimmy should try buying an entire Wallgreens

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    I’m speechless...we used to have this joke as teenagers that you’re going to buy the WHOLE store but never imagine that Mr Beast is actually doing it :)

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    I would really love a foot ball and helmets that would be awesome

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    Longest recipe I’ve seen

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    Breaking news! Mr beast ends global warming!

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    Imagine these stores restocking-

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    man u should buy 10 houses and give them away to homeless ppl

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    Imagine mrbeast got to your store and bought all the things in it.

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    I think it’s amazing and kind but I really feel bad because mr.beast promise me you can still afford YOUR NEEDS Ilove helping other people I just feel bad cause every time he is second guessing . But I think it is really kind thank you mr beast for being such an amazing person

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    Imagine how long the scanning would take

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