I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON

I didnt think i was going to win that much... looks like im buying an island
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    @Hot Blade huhuhuu

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    Why do you spend your money so much?



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    Love from india❤

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    What app are they using

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    Bro Ducati Diavel 1260 ❤️please

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    they win 10% each.. but the money is used to buy an island? so you had your own 10% left to buy the island? im confused

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    This gives off some Santa and Elves Vibes

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    This just proves how rare it actually takes to win the lottery 😰

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    9:30 . Why did he kiss him?

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    I just thought about it how much houses do you have🤣😂

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    One and million chance of winning the lottery so buy a million 😂😭

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    Nun wrong with karl and chris Kissing checks THEY HOMMIES

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    but he bought it for $800,000 island lol

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    Doin noon but main bedroom baton

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    What do you do for living Mrbeast: I spent alot of money

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    you cant kick me lemao

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    Why cris give carl a kiss

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    🙏 🙏

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    Ah yes, “$$10,000,000”

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    thats crazy man but it the same time it is amazing!!!!

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    You get my full support

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    These videos are great

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    can i have the remaining $20k?

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    Did Karl and Chris just 💋

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    exactly how do you buy an island?

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    Why did cris or Chris kissed Karl in the chik

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    Investment if you ask me

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    I would love to have such large disposable income

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    Mrbeast is a LEGEND💪

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    05:06 is the half

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    This just proves how terrible scratch-off tickets are

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    7:06 thank you for letting me know chris….

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    2:23 chrises face when from 🙂-😮-😲🖐(that’s means his hand over is mouth)

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    chandler won ;)

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    Help me

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    Ima li koga iz Srbije?🔴🔵⚪

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    Hello i am a fan here❤️❤️❤️

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    9:04 why Chris kiss karl

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    5:55 both the funny numbers 😳

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    "I love it when the notification comes that someone "Liked your comment and you got a new subscriber

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    Wow that was insane idol, you are really a beaterman mrbeast 😍 i hope you snap me someday ☺️

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    I think even the richest people don't do that.

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    5:53 No wonder Chandler won the island

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    I want to buy a house for my prents

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    Chris baby Is so cute

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    How much do 7ou send a vid

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    Dude if MrBeast gave me 10k I’d lose my mind

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    i'd watch a mrbeast office series

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    When Mr. Beast (Jimmy) and Jandler and the Meme God bully KARL with a FIRECRACKER... Karl: Oh GOD!! I knew there was something UP!! When Mr. Beast (Jimmy) bullies a stranger for making a YT vid.. The stranger: Bully more!! I am sure ur gonna gimme money for dat!! Mr. Beast (Jimmy): 😶😶😮😐😐😐🤯🤯

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    9:04 DA FU

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    I feel sorry for the poor guy who has to check them all at the lotto booth

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    7:06 bruh moment

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    Plece 50 dolar

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    Chris 1:28

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    Yay jimmy can now make more crazy videos lets goooo

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    My mom: let’s just buy 10 lottery tickets Me: okay! Mr beast: alright boys let’s buy a lot of lottery tickets

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    Chandler bored when MrBeast tells about the island and later wins it 4:39

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    Jimmy in 20 years Jimmy: I bought the world

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    Chan Chan win the island

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