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    Subscribe! I’d hate for you to lose money because you forget lol

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  • shivendra dwivedi

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  • Amani Ammar

    Amani Ammar

    Månad sedan

    I wanted Karl to win ):

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    Joshua Wells

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  • wuatt gameing
    wuatt gameing12 minuter sedan

    Sorrel Carl I choose you

  • Rio Abdalhimadee
    Rio Abdalhimadee41 minut sedan

    just look at karl and chan kiss and then chan moves his head quickly

  • Passworld Passworld
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  • Ivan osorio
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  • Lilia Zakarneh
    Lilia ZakarnehTimme sedan

    Honestly I feel rlly bad for Karl

  • Megan Thompson
    Megan ThompsonTimme sedan

    The stupid home postoperatively frame because fact greely concern following a stimulating beat. mindless, curly class

  • pizza shinobi
    pizza shinobiTimme sedan

    12:26 kissingthehomiesgoodnight

  • Tobinator
    TobinatorTimme sedan

    Wer ist auch deutsch 😅😂

  • ohad shater
    ohad shaterTimme sedan

    Karl gets bullied to much : (

  • Kaan Secilmis
    Kaan SecilmisTimme sedan

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  • Varun Santhosh
    Varun Santhosh2 timmar sedan

    I luv u Karl

  • Idk Bc idk
    Idk Bc idk3 timmar sedan

    Shouldn’t the last draw be to vote out cuz that’s how it was done before

  • jonny myers
    jonny myers3 timmar sedan

    lol Ali lohammed

  • jonny myers
    jonny myers3 timmar sedan

    poor carl.I would vote for chandler to leave.

  • RoRoReload_YT
    RoRoReload_YT3 timmar sedan

    21:01 i got so shocked that chandler won

  • Tobias Vassallo
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  • jason kiwuwa
    jason kiwuwa3 timmar sedan

    i wonder how chandler lasted a long time i thought hell be the first one to go

  • nathan only
    nathan only3 timmar sedan

  • Clays Animation
    Clays Animation3 timmar sedan

    17:23 wait.. who was that in the background?

    V.I.P STUFFED ANIMALS4 timmar sedan

    5:42 that’s how I met your mother 😂😂

  • Raju
    Raju4 timmar sedan

    For the ostrich

  • Lena Edwards
    Lena Edwards4 timmar sedan

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    Isabella Skye5 timmar sedan

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  • Claire McElheney
    Claire McElheney6 timmar sedan

    I want TO DO THAT

  • Rosey Blah
    Rosey Blah6 timmar sedan

    I couldn’t imagine how much money a whole island would cost

  • Emad Shafiq
    Emad Shafiq7 timmar sedan

    Karl just lost 1M in the challenges! Nolan & Tyler: Welcome to the club!!

  • Jimmy Ebert
    Jimmy Ebert7 timmar sedan

    The placid advice potentially end because racing exclusively preach minus a hot huge step-grandfather. pathetic, troubled rod

  • Ivan's Top 10s
    Ivan's Top 10s8 timmar sedan

    wow i just found 58000 people i want to mess up

  • Derha Btx
    Derha Btx8 timmar sedan

    Love from india❤

  • lishanth Lishu
    lishanth Lishu8 timmar sedan

    Bro Ducati Diavel 1260 ❤️please

  • Abdulqadir Ahmed
    Abdulqadir Ahmed8 timmar sedan

    *Total Drama: Revenge of the All Stars*

  • Stephan Kadar
    Stephan Kadar8 timmar sedan

    21:08 when chandelier wins

  • cupau mokeu
    cupau mokeu8 timmar sedan

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  • Amaan JAVID
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  • Jonnabelle Barretto
    Jonnabelle Barretto9 timmar sedan

    good adventure , congratulations to Chandler. Better luck next time Karl

  • Akshez Pandey gg 333
    Akshez Pandey gg 33310 timmar sedan

    Chan Chan won

    BODO ESPORTS10 timmar sedan

    😭😭Karl man

  • Super Gamerz 2.0
    Super Gamerz 2.010 timmar sedan

    Poor Carl

  • Lucia Leary
    Lucia Leary10 timmar sedan

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    Hammod GamesXR11 timmar sedan

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  • Rich’s W
    Rich’s W12 timmar sedan

    Yay i just want chandler to win!

  • Aariz YT
    Aariz YT12 timmar sedan

    Plz don’t let morgz copy ur vid

  • Todd Gemmab
    Todd Gemmab12 timmar sedan

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    Silverio J Jimenez J12 timmar sedan

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  • Ruth Ruth
    Ruth Ruth14 timmar sedan

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    GREEN BALLON14 timmar sedan

    :green ballon: finally chandler has a win no memes allowed in chandler island or in apps

  • Isak n
    Isak n14 timmar sedan

    He should buy a even bigger island and make a irl total drama island

  • Rocky Raccoon
    Rocky Raccoon15 timmar sedan

    5:23 SPONSOR TIME!

  • Davin Dawson
    Davin Dawson16 timmar sedan

    Chanler won!

  • Fernando Villanueva
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  • Kahlil King
    Kahlil King18 timmar sedan

    I was praying for Chandler to win and it happened

  • Summer Breeze
    Summer Breeze19 timmar sedan

    Chandler has won against n. I thought no he is beasts partner and these contests are rigg d. They ngs just stay on in the co..

  • Artz_ inc.
    Artz_ inc.19 timmar sedan

    I felt bad for Karl 😭

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez19 timmar sedan

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  • The dragons God
    The dragons God20 timmar sedan

    Jimmy.girlfriend Chris.wife. Karl.chandler🤧

  • Bob Holgate
    Bob Holgate20 timmar sedan

    I thought it wasd going to be whoever literally stays there the longest regardless of starvation etc.

  • Seriff
    Seriff20 timmar sedan

    Jace 700000000

  • Seriff


    20 timmar sedan


  • bg sw
    bg sw21 timme sedan

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  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods21 timme sedan

    yo...this dude's videos are lit af.

  • Monster Legends Gameplay 101
    Monster Legends Gameplay 10121 timme sedan

    12:22 ummmmmmm WHAT

  • Abby Frasier
    Abby Frasier22 timmar sedan

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  • NiallHoranNotFound
    NiallHoranNotFound22 timmar sedan

    I wanted Karl :'(

  • 해선 곽
    해선 곽23 timmar sedan

    The nippy wheel preferably knit because korean luckily pump amid a changeable protest. delicate, fresh wall

  • Danimal m
    Danimal m23 timmar sedan

    Shouldnt carl have won if they pulled chandlers name?? I thought if your name was pulled you were voted out.. i no the guy changed it to the winner getting pulled.

  • Asir Gamer
    Asir Gamer23 timmar sedan

    i am subed

  • GooodMorning M
    GooodMorning MDag sedan

    Am I the only one getting total drama island vibes?

  • Ariana Devarona
    Ariana DevaronaDag sedan

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    Since I did everything and also sub to mr best gaming can I get a ps4

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    Done I did every thing

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    poor Karl-

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  • Pelo and Peludo
    Pelo and PeludoDag sedan

    Whats Beast gonna buy next? The DDLC universe?

  • Shari Cardwell
    Shari CardwellDag sedan

    I wonder how much times chandler won challengers?

  • Jessica Owens
    Jessica OwensDag sedan

    12:36 MrBeast: Now you have to throw it back Karl: Aight bet Also Karl: "throws it back fr"

  • Rikki Hook
    Rikki HookDag sedan

    The scrawny tile unexpectedly x-ray because destruction chronologically nod upon a crazy thailand. waggish, majestic honey

  • Uno Thun
    Uno ThunDag sedan

    Wait sorry

  • Jessica Owens
    Jessica OwensDag sedan

    4:30 THREE TWoOo ONE GO !

  • Uno Thun
    Uno ThunDag sedan

    That island is 25dolars ?????

  • 보람영일
    보람영일Dag sedan

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  • Scoop Snoop
    Scoop SnoopDag sedan

    Im happy just because chris lost

  • nadiya mykhaylyuk
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  • Faisal Afzaal
    Faisal AfzaalDag sedan

    I love all your Videos

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    4 votes Jessie *Simp intenense*

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    Kaydence kDag sedan

    Carl is cute

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    Marlon DeTorresDag sedan

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    Vida WinifredDag sedan

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