Why I Haven’t Been Uploading

This took way too long...
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    LOL MY SHIRT SAID “lol karl lost an island MB” THANKS THOUGH

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    1:02 you think im lying i actually got them

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    Bro Ducati Diavel 1260 ❤️please

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    U can do anything beast...🔥🔥

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    Jesus Christ there's a lot of youthubers in the comment section.

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    In less than a year he jumped up 20 mil that is insane

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    Me want shirt 🙂

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    Mr beast was caught sleeping in his cloves and a hat 😦😦😦

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    Miss steak


    Mr beast have faith

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    i got it bruvver

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    Imagine profiting of making profit.

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    Ate the current tees still being signed....?:)

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    I love MrBeast

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    The smile could be a meme

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    Request game on gaming channel:Mobile Legends Bang Bang:)

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    I Want To buy It But I Know I Am Asia : (

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    I feel we done him dirty

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    You should make some sorts

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    i got the first shirt!!!!!!

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    But I don’t have a dog

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    I feel bad for Jimmy but he's doing it for us

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    I have the same bed sheets you where sleeping on😵

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    Mrbeast a man so true to his word that he goes insane from signing shirts lol

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    For that I’m gonna un subscribe

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    I love your. shirts but they cost a bit 😅

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    Bet he made alot of money

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    Mine had a 2 seriously jimmy

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    He was busy buying razor

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    U bought mr crabs

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    I might be 8 months late, but damn Mr. Beast is wholesome

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    imagine getting the shirt that fell down

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    just commenting

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    Mr beast in 2089: Destroying America And surprising Americans with A new America

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    Mr beast rules

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    I jump out the Window 🪟if I had to do this

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    Harder that spending 24 hours underwater

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    Imagine bye the time you finished you hit 50 mil

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    that is alot

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    Omg I forgot to comment but I love my hoodie

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    His YT name should be MrLegend

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    I love your vids

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    How long did this take you😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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    i got no.1 shirt

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    ይፈርማል ፣ ደህና ነው ፡፡ ግን ከሁሉም በላይ አእምሮውን ያጣል

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    Respect to MrBeast.thank you for your true word:)

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    I would be doing the same if i knew i would make 10-20$ each time

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    plz stop:(

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    I am subscribe to all of your channels

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    The hardwork u r doing is needed in competitive exams

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    I feel bad for jim killing his arm but i know he loves us so he did this

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    I love this

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    even he started with a sigh come the fuck on

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    Credits to the editor from editing in every shirts

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    How does he get his Energy everyday even tho his inside of the body is killing him especially his wrist

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    I got it

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    I got one with a smiley face so I guess I got one from the beginning or at least when he wasn’t insane

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    Jimmy literally makes new records. Love from India

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    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!

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    is it available to buy outside the USA? I'm from the Philippines. Thank you so much

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    sorry for all that you did

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    The poeple flipping the shirts are underrated

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    This is why we love you man...

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    I am also- idk why either